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  1. You get access to more than 250 events held monthly all over India.
  2. Get your own OnlineInvite profile and connect with your friends, share your events with them and elevate the fun.
  3. You can buy tickets and fest passes, and can RSVP to events also.
  4. Be the first to know about any new event in your area.
  5. Buy passes for your events online, and get huge discounts.
  1. Post your events on Online Invite and give them an online presence on Google.

    OnlineInvite events on Google

  2. Get details of all the attendees in an excel sheet that updates in real time.
  3. Let only registered and verified participants to enter the premises.
  4. CHECKIN feature to ensure hassle-free checkin attendees to events using your android or IOS phone.
  5. Manage your events in ‘My Events’ dashboard and monitor the number of participants in real time.
  6. Get sponsors for your events and fests and enjoy the freebies alongwith that.
  7.  Share your events via our Social Media Networks and gain a public outreach of ~1.5M
You can contact us directly at fest@onlineinvite.in or drop a Whatsapp message at +91-7011257787
  1. We have a public outreach of ~1.5M on our Social media and ~1M unique visitors on our website.
  2. You can feature your brand amongts the top competitors of the industry.
  3. Make your brand stand-out from the crowd and catch all those eye-balls.
  4.  Get a special feature in our website’s header area and multiply your chances to be seen even more.
  5. Know your crowd and feature your products accordingly.

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