How to design my invitation card ?


Be it for a wedding or birthday party, you need an invitation card for it. Invitation cards makes it easy for the invitees to get detailed info of the event or the birthday party.

You can design your invitation on Online Invite as follows :

  1. Go to

    Open your browser and enter in the address bar. If you have downloaded the OnlineInvite app, that’s even better as the process will be much faster.

  2. Login to your account

    Log in to your Online Invite account using your Google or Facebook account. (or signup using email instead)

  3. Go to ‘Create Event’ page

    head over to CREATE EVENT page and fill in the details of your invitation.

  4. that’s it !

    Your own free online digital invitation is now ready. You can share it with your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

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