may, 2020

14mayAll Day17I am Shakti Festival 2020Zorba The Buddha

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may 14 (Thursday) - 17 (Sunday)


Zorba The Buddha

7, Tropical Dr, Ghitorni

Event Details

Calling all women – be inspired, empowered, and elevated.

What is Shakti Festival 2020 ?

I Am Shakti Festival at Zorba the Buddha is a profound experience to witness the depth and light of the feminine within.

We journey back to remembering the precious gift of Shakti the divine energy that dwells deep within your souls.

We open the gateway to understanding our strength as a woman in this critical time in history.

Acclaimed and incredibly talented facilitators from all over the world will come together in this unique festival to help us reconnect with and celebrate your feminine nature.

There will be one-on-one sessions, workshops, and events that this festival weaves together.

With myriad carefully curated workshops with some of the biggest names in the field, this festival promises very deep transformation in a safe and celebratory setting.

Let us get ready to meet like-minded individuals and participate in a community of incredible women. 

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