Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Featured image should be wide, not tall. 

Dimensions : 960 x 500

Try to provide an image that is sufficient in itself to tell about the event.

Image should have details such as

Event name
– Event Venue
– Date and timings
– Contact details

Event title should be [event name + college name + year] for ex : Engifest DTU 2020

If the event name doesn’t match this format, OnlineInvite holds the right to change it as per their terms.

Briefly describe what your event is about.

Event description should be 200-300 words, but should not exceed 800 words.

You can enter volunteer contact details here.

Select your college from location list.

If your college is not in the list, you can add it.

Please provide correct venue details of your event.

Don’t create a venue, if it already exists

Enlist the contact person names with either their email ids or their whatsapp numbers.

Also provide the college/ society or event website where participants can head to for more details.

If you wish to sell tickets, see pricing page.​

If you adhere to these guidelines, then only you can post an event and get a massive reach.